EBCS "Employee Benefit Consulting Services" provides specialized advice and technical support to companies regarding non-statutory benefits provided to personnel.

EBCS is an actuarial consultancy firm that provides employers with the required expertise in the development, optimization and daily operation of their non-statutory pension schemes. Depending on the needs of the customer, our assistance can consist of the following:

  • providing solution-oriented, professional advice;
  • making actuarial calculations;
  • outsourcing of your pension scheme administration and/or accounting;
  • the development of appropriate IT tools to make the administrative tasks associated with your pension plan more efficient;
  • providing communication to plan participants;
  • the reporting associated with your pension liabilities within the framework of the relevant international accounting standards.

EBCS provides its customers with a high level of expertise and reliability together with a dynamic, innovative approach, supported by the latest technologies.

The business managers

Paul De Smet


Ina Decoster


Mathieu De Smet

Software Architect

Actuary (1970)

Member of IABE [Belgian Institute of Actuaries]

Actuary (1994)
Member of IABE [Belgian Institute of Actuaries]

Development of pension software since 1989