Thanks to the many years of experience of its consulting actuaries, EBCS is able to provide the employer with required expertise in the following areas:


  • the design and the introduction of new pension schemes, taking into consideration the human resources policy and the financial capacity of the company;
  • investigation of current pension schemes within the framework of common market practices, the human resources policy of the company and the applicable legislation, as well as the formulation of targeted proposals;
  • the choice of the most appropriate method of financing and the actuarial assumptions to be considered;
  • study of the tariff structure of existing group insurance companies or reinsurance conventions, the formulation of proposals for optimization and negotiations with (re)insurers;
  • request and comparative analysis of tenders from (re)insurers;
  • evaluation of pension liabilities within the framework of takeovers/mergers;
  • assistance in transferring pension reserves between pension institutions;
  • converting final pay to defined contribution arrangements and vice versa;
  • assistance in opting out of sector-based pension schemes;
  • fulfilling the administrative formalities associated with the creation of a pension fund;
  • the elaboration and cost implications of plans for restructuring (prepension, Canada Dry,...);
  • the performance of a concise ALM study;
  • drawing up the actuarial report as appointed actuary for pension funds.